Exhibitor Resources

Exhibitor Service Manual

Freeman is Active Collective’s official decorator. The Exhibitor Service Manual will be available soon.

Critical Dates

The critical dates and deadlines PDF will be available for download soon.

Booth Graphics

The booth graphics information will be available soon.

Exhibitor Shipping

Note: DO NOT SHIP DIRECTLY TO THE METROPOLITAN PAVILION. The Metropolitan Pavilion does NOT accept any packages or shipments of any kind.

The exhibitor shipping information will be available soon.

Exhibitor Set-Up Dates & Times

Exhibitor set-up times will be available soon.

Marketing and PR Opportunities

Maximize Your Reach with Marketing and PR
As we get ready for the August 2018 Active Collective New York, public relations and marketing opportunities are greater than ever for exhibiting companies. Please take the time to read through the information below and pass it on to your public relations and/or marketing manager/agency.

Exhibitor Listing (No Charge)
Each Exhibiting Company will appear in the following areas, as part of Active Collective’s Exhibitor Listings.

  • Online Floor plan & Exhibitor List (on imaginary-growth.flywheelsites.com)
  • Printed On-Site Directory

Enhanced Exhibitor Listing (Fee applies)
Active Collective offers an Enhanced Listing package (fee applies) to highlight your Exhibiting Company name in the Exhibitor Listings for added visibility and impact. In addition to the list above with the Exhibitor Listing package you’ll receive the following:

  • Online Exhibitor Listings (on imaginary-growth.flywheelsites.com) – Your Exhibiting Company Name will be highlighted, your logo and brief company description will be included with your listing, and in addition, you will be included in a separate “Featured Exhibitor” listing.

To inquire about an Enhanced Exhibitor Listing, please visit your Online Exhibitor Console, or contact Devon Damelio at devon.damelio@collectiveshows.com.

Social Media
Use Twitter and Instagram to promote your company at Active Collective by using hashtag #activecollective. Follow @activewearshow on Twitter and @active_collective on Instagram as well as like us on Facebook. Active Collective, at its discretion, may post brand photos to social media. To submit your photos for consideration, click here.

Advertising & Sponsorships – See a full list of advertising and sponsorships currently available.
Don’t limit your Active Collective experience to the walls of your exhibit space. It all starts before buyers even reach your booth. For more information and to get a copy of the Advertising and Sponsorship contract, email Devon Damelio at devon.damelio@collectiveshows.com