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January 2020

Shape Magazine Editor @MariettaAlessi – Featuring Niyama Sol and Onzie, Glyder, Beyond Yoga

Danielle Terem– 91.6K Followers- Featuring Niyama Sol

Julia Kananovich– 88K Followers- Featuring Niyama Sol

Vanessa Zambito– 110K Followers- Featuring Blanc Noir & Niyama Sol

Women’s Health Assistant Editor Lindsay Geller– Featuring Niyama Sol

August 2019– 964k Followers- Featuring Mika Yogawear

Shape Magazine Editor @MariettaAlessi View

Natalie Negrotti- 284K Followers- view

Remy Park- @veggiekins-114k Followers- Featuring Beyond Yoga

Brown Eyed Toast– 193K Followers- Featuring Onzie

Ulia Ali– 91.5K Influencers- view

I Am Vivien Tatham – 91.9k Followers- view

January 2019

Feral Creature – 418k Followers- Featuring Beyond Yoga

All Bueno Things -160k Followers post 1.  post 2.  post 3.

Brown Eyed Toast – 193K Followers post 1.  2.  3.  4.  5.

The Grey Layers – 474k Followers post 1.  post 2.  post 3.

Scarlet Halo – 173k Followers- Featuring Dharma Bums Yoga & Activewear

Mariann Yip – 165k Followers  post 1.  post 2.

Gabrielle Zacche – 103k Followers view 

Summer YL – 100k Followers  view 

I Am Vivien Tatham – 97.9k Followers

Bethany Meyers – 76.3k Followers  view

Leah Bohnen – 73.9k Followers post 1.  post 2.

Mimi and Chichi – 62.8k Followers  post 1.   post 2.

Wanderer With Love – 44k Followers- Featuring Varley

5 Teffy – 40.8k Followers  view

Little Fashion Stylist – 41.3k Followers  post 1.  post 2.

Chic and Sweaty – 35.7k Followers

Megan Zietz – 33.5k Followers  post 1.  post 2.

NY Trendy Moms – 23.4k Followers view

Blissed Happiness – 21.8k Followers post 1.  post 2.  post 3.

Street Style Teller – 15.9k Followers   view

Vanessa Powell –  4.5k Followers view

Story And Rain – 4.5k Followers  view


August 2018

The Social NY – August 2018

POPSUGAR – Onzie, January 2018

Remky Park – Onzie, January 2018

Angelique Cooper – Wear It To Heart, Pointe Studio, Hard Tail, July 2017

Angelique Cooper – SHAPE, July 2017

Celeste Wilson – Beyond Yoga, July 2017

Celeste Wilson – Hard Tail, SHAPE, July 2017

Celest Wilson – Reebok, July 2017

Min Lee, Composure Magazine, July 2017

Payton Sartain – Hard Tail, July 2017

Riley Beek – Beyond Yoga and Vooray, August 2017

Riley Beek – SHAPE, July 2017

Riley Beek – Hard Tail, July 2017

Riley Beek – SHAPE, July 2017

Riley Beek – Vooray, Gaiam, SHAPE, Beyond Yoga, Onzie, July 2017

Editorial  & Trade Media


Active Collective Show Director on the Revamped Shows (June 2022)- View


January 2020

From Running Marathons to Running Errands, the Best Yoga Pants Vogue Editors Swear By (Beyond Yoga) View 


January 2019

Here’s How Your Clothes Affect Your Workout Because Even Mindy Kaling Knows They Can Play a Huge Role featuring TWENTY –  View

Don’t Know What to Get Your Man For Valentine’s Day? Here are 10 Can’t-Miss Gifts featuring Rhone  – View story


A New Season Means A New Chance To Re-Up Your Leggings View

These 6 Activewear Trends Need To Be On Your Radar This Year featuring Beyond Yoga, Good Hyouman, Koral, Lanston, Nancy Rose – View

Active Collective New York Trade Show Proves Athleisure’s Getting More Innovative – View



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